Iogram gets a graphics upgrade

A new release of IOGRAM is available for your geometric projects. Download it here for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This release features a major improvement of the WebGL rendering and appearance, with the Physically Based Rendering (PBR) pipeline (see it in action here!)

This release contains a number of new graphics features, such as: the reflection probe component, custom skybox, multiple cameras, lights, material creation and grid. We’ve also added a navigation mesh, terrain component and crowd simulation functionality.

On the interoperability front, IOGRAM now reads and write DXF files, and we also support obj, ply and off formats.

We made some sample projects to illustrate basic concepts in IOGRAM, starting with the Hello World of IOGRAM. You can find the projects on GitHub, and we outlined the key features of the projects in our documentation.

If you are considering using IOGRAM, let us know: we’d be happy to schedule a demo.